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Applications - Metallized Plastics Packaging, Decorative Applications, Barrier Applications

The metallizing process is applied to create a decorative and protective barrier for plastic film. The metallized film is used in packaging, printing, stamping, labeling, microwave packaging, and various other uses.

Many reasons to Metallize…

Its environmentally friendly, creates a light barrier improves product appearance and visual package appearance, improves printing, improves moisture barrier and shelf life, creates a better oxygen barrier and chemical and aroma barriers.

Metallized film can be used in decorative applications across many industries to create a finished or professional look to product packaging. Many common used include:

Holographic labels
Barrier Applications
Liquid Packaging Applications
Microwave Applications
Metal Transfer
Light Reflecting Decals
Candy Wrappers
Sports Cards
Product packaging (snack packaging)

By adding the protective metal layer to film, you create an additional barrier keeping out the elements, like air, while improving freshness and shelf life for many of the products, from potato chips to peanuts. By removing the light, moisture and air shelf life is increased. You will find metallized plastic wrappers on everything from snack foods and confections through coffee, team and disposable juice packs.

Industries that utilize Metallized plastics include:

Anti-Static Film
Confection packaging
Decorations like balloons and streamers
Emergency Blankets, light reflective applications
Lamination applications
Children's Toys
Product labels
Product Packaging
Holographic stapling and labeling
Stamping Foil
ESD Packaging
Graphic Arts
Solar Control Window Film
Automotive Trim
Greeting Cards